Rising: feeo is making hazy beats for curious minds

With her latest self-released EP, ‘Run Over’, rising artist feeo showcases both her talents as a songwriter, and her capacity to engage with the mundane, the deeply personal and the political all in the space of one track.

Jhumka, Facta and OMOLOKO warm the floor for GALA 2024

Lil Silva on making space for fluidity and unfiltered self-expression

A Grand (still) Don’t Come For Free: A week with The Streets‘ sophomore album, 20 years on

Telling an age-old tale of hometown love, hedonism and heartbreak, The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come For Free wove the minutiae of British life into a concept album that felt like a film score, distilling big feelings into an immersive story anyone could step into. On its 20th anniversary, writer and Locked On Records’ Creative Lead Bailey Slater jumps in, spending a week delving into its intricacies whilst listening on repeat.

In Photos: On set with Static Dress

Returning with their first release in two years, Static Dress take us behind the scenes of their surreal self-directed video for new single, ‘crying’.

Extracting fragile beauty: Reflecting on the quieter side of Steve Albini’s sonic legacy

The late musician and audio engineer was synonymous with pummelling noise, metallic screeches and guttural roars. But in his quieter, often overlooked musical output, he applied the same dynamics to record tender moments of stillness, embracing grace and restraint with equal potency as he did noise and fury.

Retrospective: ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ ushered in a new era for Vampire Weekend

With their ornamental whimsy taking a backseat to more sombre musings on death and religious disillusionment, Modern Vampires of the City ushered in a new era for Vampire Weekend

Bitter Babe: Speed of Life

Bogotá-born DJ and producer Bitter Babe is bending the sounds of the Latin diaspora into new and unusual shapes as she creates future-facing club music for a connected world.

Listen to A. G. Cook‘s Britpop Roadshow Soundcheck

Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know. A….