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DJ and producer Joe Gladwell, a.k.a. K-LONE, is deeply connected to a new school of experimentalists blurring the textures and lines of electronic genres. When he’s not in the studio, the Brighton-based artist spends his time looking after Wisdom Teeth – ​​the label he co-founded with Facta, home to Salamanda and Yushh – as well as running his own imprints Sweet N Tasty and Wych.

Whether he’s creating a dancefloor-facing sound on Love Me A Little or more pared-back electronica, K-LONE is driven by creative curiosity. From the percussive escapism of his debut Cape Cira to his 2023 album Swells – which saw him tap into his love for contemporary pop – this vibrant fluidity can be seen through his own releases as much as his eclectic sets.

Passing through Crack’s London studio between DJ sets and work on Wisdom Teeth, K-LONE told us more about the artists he’s into right now and made a mix reflecting the breadth of his influences. Drawing from his wider music taste as well as club-rooted sounds, the tracklist journeys freely through hazy R&B, tinkering electronic warmth and ambient house. 

Photographed by Crack Magazine’s Jess Eli Hill at our London studio and styled exclusively in Stan Ray SS24.



What was your starting point for this mix?

I wanted to make a mix that reflected my broader taste, finding a nice mid-point between what I listen to at home and what I like from interesting club music.

Where should we listen to it? 

A late-night drive or walk.



What genres are you gravitating towards at the moment?

I’m listening to so much guitar and vocal-led stuff as well as jazz and ambient.

Which track in the mix are you most excited about and how does it reflect the creative space you’re in right now?

I’m a bit obsessed with Mk.gee at the moment. Two Star & The Dream Police is incredible from start to finish with really interesting, muddy production with loads of amazing weird hooks. I included one of his slightly older tracks in this. I’ve been trying to write a lot more with real instruments and love the aesthetic of that record. There’s a new one of mine in this at the 19-minute mark that is one of those experiments.



Who else are you listening to?

I’ve been playing Acheless VIP by Tom VR a lot recently. It’s exactly the sort of club music I like – so well produced with a great melody and a real deep vibe to it.

Have any live music experiences surprised or inspired you recently?

I really enjoyed Evian Christ at Simple Things recently. The intense trippy effect he gets out of the simple combination of strobes and smoke paired with the music is amazing.


Recent release recommendation?

Loving Vegyn’s The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions.

Outside of music, what keeps you feeling creatively charged?

Any time away from writing allows you the time to think about what you next want to work on. Otherwise, you can be running on empty if you only spend your time writing.


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