The latest instalment of our mix series comes from extremely close to home.

Bristol’s Oscar Henson has been a full-time member of Crack Magazine’s commercial team for over a year now, but he’s better known by the alias Facta – the moniker under which he produces amorphous, future-facing club music.

Sonically, Henson combines the pared-down, atmospheric swagger of early Pev & Kowton with the more playful tendencies of contemporaries like Leif and Duckett, resulting in tracks that are resolutely dancefloor-focused whilst retaining a pleasing musicality – his recent single Dumb Hummer (itself released via Livity Sound) is exemplary of this.

He’s also spent four years at the helm of Wisdom Teeth, the label he co-founded with long-time collaborator K-Lone. Having started life as an outlet for hard-hitting missives from the duo’s immediate circle like Hodge’s menacing X, in recent years the imprint’s horizons have expanded more experimental fare from producers such as Steevio, Benoit B, and LOFT, the latter of whom has seen their Wisdom Teeth-released Funemployed picked up by Björk for her DJ sets.

Facta’s Crack Mix is neatly illustrative of how this duality can work in a DJ set, juxtaposing club-centric tracks with more exploratory broken-beat digressions. No tracklist on this one but listen out for forthcoming Wisdom Teeth releases from the likes of Lurka and Duckett plus unreleased work from Hodge and Piezo, plus a killer mix of Tirzah’s Reach. 

Facta plays at Crack Magazine’s Motion party, Bristol, on 8 December