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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

19-year-old Madrid-based TRISTÁN has pop knowledge beyond his years, and within his selections you can see the enigmatic array of influences that are responsible. Having recently released his debut EP on 21 March, simply titled Music EP, TRISTÁN defies genre on the six-song record, which goes from elements of reggaetón to ballads, pop to bolero and back again. With features from the likes of Daniela Lalita and Rusowsky, TRISTÁN shows his versatility as a producer and songwriter.

As part of Madrid-based label and collective Rusia-IDK, he is responsible for some of the most exciting sounds coming out of Spain with an experimentalist ethos and club-ready sound at their core.

Reflecting on his new EP, TRISTÁN takes an unbounded approach to his selections with a fusion approach to his feel-good, genre-defying playlist. He comments, “While nothing connects these tracks, they’re all wonderful songs that I really enjoy! They have all inspired me this last year, opening a window for a new creative process and a new way of understanding music.”

He continues, “While some of them I found because of friends, a lot of them are just really popular songs that I’ve rediscovered with new lenses.”

Music Ep is out now via Rusia-IDK