Hard Reset: Climate change and music in 2020

Jayda G, Kelly Lee Owens and Clean Scene’s Darwin discuss the dance community’s impact on climate change.

At breaking point: The year Poland’s underground fought back

In 2020, Poland’s right-wing government doubled down on their hardline agenda, targeting women and LGBTQ+ people. In response, artists and musicians inspired a new wave of resistance

The universal language of Beverly Glenn-Copeland

It may have taken five decades for the singular artist to be discovered, but his sublime transmissions speak to the times we’re living in

Here’s everything you can listen to on Cyberpunk 2077

The long-awaited title from Polish video game developer CD Projekt Red is here, and its star-studded soundtrack is a celebration of cutting-edge electronic music. Starring Grimes, SOPHIE, Shygirl, A$AP Rocky and more.

Watch Hannah Diamond, Ikonika, Lord Apex and Ashley Henry perform in an immersive audiovisual space

Novation’s stunning four-wall Made To Express sessions are here

DJing as a GCSE: The Smart Brothers on getting CDJs into the school curriculum

This year, DJing became a formal GCSE qualification in its own right. We speak to Austen and Scott Smart on how they made this happen

For 30 years, the Red Hot Organisation has been fighting AIDS through music and culture projects

On World AIDS Day we catch up with John Carlin, co-founder of the Red Hot Organisation, to discuss its efforts over the last three decades and the digital reissue of Red Hot + Blue

Batu Butt Studio Void Dez

Batu and Butt Studio present their audiovisual collaboration Void Dez

Featuring a new track made exclusively for the video by the Timedance label head

No Signal Radio

No Signal represents culture as a whole”

The station’s meteoric rise is bringing Black communities together through independent radio. Co-founder David Sonubi tells their story