Meditations on… honouring the pioneering women of club culture

In a personal essay, the creator of new book Lady of the House remembers the challenges she overcame in the industry – and lays out her hopes for the future

Amy Winehouse

Meditations on . . . the enduring lifespan of the pop song

A new generation of fans are freeing artists from the narratives that once overshadowed their art. We take a look at how music consumption has changed with the rise of TikTok and a shift in tabloid culture

Motion Bristol

Plainclothes police in clubs: A surveillance strategy that will disproportionately affect ethnic minorities

The UK government want to send undercover officers to raves – what will this mean for clubs and who will it affect the most?


Meditations on… the problem of using black female pop stars as self-care mascots

Stephanie Phillips considers the downsides of using black women as our personal positivity cheerleaders


Meditations… on the suburban surreal

William Doyle, fka. East India Youth, explains how he found beauty in the brown brick and cul-de-sacs of England’s suburban spaces

Latinx Meditations

Meditations… on the white-washing of Latinx music

As Latinx music continues to climb up the charts, we take a look at how it’s become subject to miscategorisation – and what this means for Latinx people

Butch Meditations

Meditations… on pop’s butch icons

Historically erased by the mainstream, queer female masculinity is now being celebrated online and in music. It’s about time, says Gina Tonic

ambient music

Meditations… on ambient music and capitalism

Ambient music gives listeners space to tune out the world around them, as capitalist chaos grows, that may be a problem

Commodification of queerness

Meditations… on the commodification of queerness

As Pride celebrations roll out around the world, brands and corporations are falling over themselves to signal allyship. Here, Manchester DJ and producer LOFT reflects on why we should be on high alert when it comes to the marketisation of queerness.

Meditations… on stan culture

Writer and author Hannah Ewens unpacks why being a hardcore fan isn’t so black and white

A love letter to Myspace

A love letter to… Myspace

An ode to the social media platform and the role it played in the consumption of music in the 00s

A Love Letter to the Reload © Dominic Kesterton

A love letter to the reload

Dan Hancox pays tribute to the wheel up, an egalitarian and thrilling facet of sound system culture that recently spurred a Twitter outrage

A Love Letter to… Celine Dion

An ode to the Canadian superstar who taught writer Tom Rasmussen that he was a star in a world that was desperate to make him disappear

A Love Letter to… the Mozart Estate

While negative media coverage has painted the area as a hub for gangs and knife crime, Big Zuu pens an op-ed on growing up with the many sides of the west London space

© Turbo Island

A Love Letter to… Fabric Mixes

As the iconic mix series comes to an end, Thomas Frost recalls the musical pathways Fabric mixes can lead you down

Love Letter IDLES, NHS © Turbo Island

A Love Letter to the NHS, by IDLES’ Joe Talbot

The Bristol artist shares his thoughts on the National Healthcare System – from its unification of the people to the compassion of its staff