A love letter to Myspace

A love letter to… Myspace

An ode to the social media platform and the role it played in the consumption of music in the 00s

A Love Letter to the Reload © Dominic Kesterton

A love letter to the reload

Dan Hancox pays tribute to the wheel up, an egalitarian and thrilling facet of sound system culture that recently spurred a Twitter outrage

A Love Letter to… Celine Dion

An ode to the Canadian superstar who taught writer Tom Rasmussen that he was a star in a world that was desperate to make him disappear

A Love Letter to… the Mozart Estate

While negative media coverage has painted the area as a hub for gangs and knife crime, Big Zuu pens an op-ed on growing up with the many sides of the west London space

© Turbo Island

A Love Letter to… Fabric Mixes

As the iconic mix series comes to an end, Thomas Frost recalls the musical pathways Fabric mixes can lead you down

Love Letter IDLES, NHS © Turbo Island

A Love Letter to the NHS, by IDLES’ Joe Talbot

The Bristol artist shares his thoughts on the National Healthcare System – from its unification of the people to the compassion of its staff

Fabric compilation

In praise of Fabric’s mix series: an unassuming archive of 21st century dancefloor history

Every month for the last 17 years, Fabric has captured the fluctuations of dance music history in a little metal box, from microhouse to brostep. It’s time to pay tribute

A Love Letter to Now! That’s What I Call Music

Now! That’s What I Call Music released its 100th edition last month. It’s time to pay our dues to an overlooked institution

A Love Letter to… Selena

Selena paved the way for multicultural, empowered pop music. As Dreaming of You turns 23, Rachel Grace Almeida celebrates the legacy of the Mexican-American icon

The Summer Bangers that Came to Define an Era

Few things are as evocative of the sound of the summer’s past. But what makes a summer banger, well, bang?

© Tim Lahan

A Love Letter to… Reggaeton

For many, reggaeton is the sound of the city in summer. But the genre also captures something more: representation, mutual understanding and a communal bond

A Love Letter to Blog House

A Love Letter to… Blog House

Gabriel Szatan reevaluates the much-maligned genre of blog house – was there more to it than day-glo animation, purple hoodies and dodgy bitrates?

When the mainstream steals art

From Beyoncé to Skepta, there’s been an uptick in established acts borrowing from smaller artists. Emily Gosling explores the consequences

Picture Perfect: The pros and cons of using Instagram to promote music

Augustin Macellari wonders if artists can fill Instagram’s perceived vacuousness with substance

Azealia Banks is My Misunderstood Black Hero

In this personal defence, Chanté Joseph argues that we need to support the controversial rapper in 2018

Supporting Indies in the Age of Streaming: A New Year’s Resolution

2017 revealed a striking conformity among our online listening habits – isn’t it time we did more to support independent artists and labels?