Cola Boyy © Alex Cheng

Cola Boyy is putting in the work

We sit down with the Oxnard producer in the office of his record label, at Paris’ 18th arrondissement, to talk community, activism and performance

Myspace music

Myspace’s server error reveals the danger that lies in entrusting tech companies with our cultural histories

The social media platform changed how a whole generation of fans discovered music. Now it may have destroyed how it’s remembered too

These New Puritans © Oscar Eckle

These New Puritans: Dreaming forwards

We talk art and the distinction between seriousness and self-importance with brothers George and Jack Barnett as they release their fourth album Inside the Rose

Little Simz My Life as a Mixtape

My life as a mixtape: Little Simz

The north London rapper spoke to us about the songs that helped her climb all the way to the top

Theophilus London

Aesthetic: Theophilus London

We speak with the Kanye-tipped artist and fashion favourite on retreating from social media to feel closer to his heritage

Longform Editions

Longform Editions is the Sydney label that wants to change how you engage with music

We speak to the founder of Longform Editions, Andrew Khedoori, about the importance of reclaiming time, focus and – crucially – musical discovery

Eris Drew and Octo Octa © Kasia Zacharko

Eris Drew and Octo Octa: Love vibrations

The dance music power couple are on a mission to move you

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint in 10 iconic videos

The face of The Prodigy was terrifying, electrifying, iconic and loved. We pay tribute by looking at his finest moments on film

Kelsey Lu © Emmet Green

Kelsey Lu’s neverending trip

The cellist, avant-pop alchemist and Issue 98 cover star is on her own divine path – we meet her to trace the journey so far

Rascal Reviews

Rascal Reviews is the Instagram account posting illegible notes from the rave

These wouldn’t make it past an editor, that’s for sure

20 Questions: HEALTH

We sit down with singer Jake Duzsik to talk memes, bad habits and conspiracy theories

© Mike Wylie, YOUTH CLUB social

Remembering The Prodigy’s Keith Flint, one of electronic music’s most iconic frontmen

Keith Flint, who tragically died yesterday, embodied the renegade spirit of The Prodigy – and rave itself

Talk Talk Spirit of Eden

Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden still feels like it belongs to another world

Held up as the band’s masterpiece, the record marked a paradigm shift for pop music. Chal Ravens gets lost in its ghostly structures

Julianna Huxtable © Vitali Gelwich

Juliana Huxtable: Work in progress

A nightlife icon and darling of the art world, we speak with the multimedia artist on community building in queer underground spaces and the problem with representation

Dear Frankie: Tips on self-sabotage and finessing the life-club balance

The Discwoman co-founder imparts wisdom on the important stuff, covering plenty of ground: from surviving Valentine’s Day, to keeping friendships alive

Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst © Jake Millers

Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst: Soft Oblivion

In an exclusive In Conversation feature, the two musicians talk about their new collaborative project, Better Oblivion Community Centre