Watch A$AP Rocky involved in a kerfuffle on Brick Lane

Footage has emerged of hip-hop superstar A$AP Rocky threatening to “snuff” a gentleman in a Brick Lane bagel shop. The altercation appears to stem from the accusation that things had been thrown at Rocky’s car, though both parties are unapologetic about their role in the fracas, and Rocky is quick to emphasise that he “love(s) London”. Rocky addresses the incident in the below tweet.

It’s not the first time Rocky’s been involved in fisticuffs in the capital. In 2012 he and his entourage chased down a crowd member who had pilfered his Rolex while crowdsurfing. A$AP Mob team up with Boiler Room for the A$AP Riot Rave in London tomorrow evening. Watch the video of this thoroughly unsavoury incident below.