Thom Yorke’s new song is over two weeks long

For some reason we’re not even slightly surprised.

So, according to The Huffington Post, Thom Yorke’s new song is 432 hours long. If you’re an uberfan and were planning on sleeping… Well… You can just forget about sleeping. The album would take you two weeks and four days to listen to in its entirety.

The song, which has been commissioned to soundtrack a 25 year retrospective exhibition of work by longtime Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood, has been described as ‘an eerie mix of ambient textures and experimental sounds’. Apparently, the music constantly evolves and no two minutes are ever the same.

We suggest listening in shifts. Or maybe just skip to the halfway mark, get the gist for three or four hours, and write a thesis about it. Either way you’re looking at a long, unforgiving journey into the depths of Thom Yorke’s creativity.

We’re sure you’re all jumping out of your seats to book the time off work as we type.