Apple subject to conspiracy investigation


The tech multinational may already be conspiring against other streaming services

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock on the moon this week you may have noticed Apple have been introducing their new Apple Music streaming service over the past two days, which featured an attention-grabbing introductory ceremony featuring Drake, The Weeknd and Bastille. Their streaming system will place Apple in direct competition with established streaming heavyweights Spotify, and the Jay-Z owned Tidal.

Behind closed doors, however, there may have been conspiracy afoot. In an investigation lead by the attorney generals of New York and Connecticut, Apple have been accused of throwing their (significant) weight around. The court has accused the company of pressuring labels into choosing their new streaming service over other services.

“It’s important to ensure that the market continues to develop free from collusion and other anticompetitive practices,” said a spokesman for the New York attorney general.

The investigation continues. Apple Music launches at the end of this month.

(via New York Times)