Evian Christ signs to Warp, exhibits at the ICA

The Kanye endorsed, Waterfall producer will present “a series of materials recalling and responding to the events of The Trance War.”

Evian Christ has been welcomed into the Warp Records stable in spectacular style. Warp Arts, Evian Christ and renowned visual artist David Rudnick are set to collaborate on an exhibition which aims to shed light on the, supposedly ongoing, Trance War of Europe.

Warp’s official statement says that “The presentation will contain an archive of publications, pamphlets and posters spanning the period of Trance expansion to its eventual contemporary ruin, and the temporary installation of Britain’s first public monument in commemoration of the 30,000 Dogs whose lives were lost during the disputed conflict.”

If it all sounds a bit confusing (and entirely made up) you can get a bit of background on the artists in our interview with David Rudnick and brush up on Evian Christ in our Turning Points feature.