Mark Barrott – The Mysterious Island of Dr Nimm

Mark Barrott is the man behind International Feel. That’s the label that brought a new spotlight to DJ Harvey and have continued to nurture the talents of artists like Daniele Baldelli, Todd Terje, Gatto Fritto and Quiet Village. Just in case you didn’t already know.

The Mysterious Island of Dr Nimm is the latest single from Barrott and it’s a spacy, tropical house track that flits outside of the genre and rolls into calypso, world music and cosmic psychedelia.

The song stems from the latest in Barrott’s Sketches From An Island series. It will be released alongside a subscription service which offers a unique insight into the working life of an artist including exclusive mixes, tracks and visual content.

The accompanying video for Dr Nimm is kaleidoscopic, colourful and, to cut a long story short, everything it needs to be when sitting behind one of the strangest and most out-there dance tracks we’ve heard in a while. Check it out above.