Abandcalledboy – LA Dick

Abandcalledboy have got a terrifying chasm in the corner of their living room. Do you think they know?

They must do. If something spewed red up the ceiling and smeared you on the wall, you would know, wouldn’t you? But the Belfast four-piece aren’t bothered by the intrusion, and it definitely doesn’t distract from the excellent driving noise-rock on offer in their new video for LA Dick. It’s like they don’t even care that they’ve cracked open an abyss into real-life hell.

Maybe this all makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want a direct line to the devil when you’ve made a deal with him to craft a chorus this catchy? “It feels so good but honey please be quick / I’m getting bored of this LA dick” groans vocalist Ryan Burrowes over a juxtaposition of crushing guitars and strangely touching melodies. The whole thing is so good, it must be diabolical.

See the video, made by Odhrain Soanes, above.