Cult Bristol post-punk band Maximum Joy reform for Simple Things

Simple Things 2015 will mark the band’s first performance in over 25 years

Formed in the wake of the break-up of two of Bristol’s most revered bands, The Pop Group and Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy are one of the most interesting and world-worthy bands the city has ever produced. They split after their first album Station MXJY but their legacy has lasted much longer.

The band have gained a cult following with the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Optimo singing their praises. Their angular sound has gone on to influence legions of bands and producers. This year Simple Things decided it was high time to bring the band back for a home town gig at this year’s festival. After approaching the band we can now announce that they accepted the offer to reform and will be playing this year’s festival.

The set at Simple Things will mark the first performance for Maximum Joy in more than 25 years, a landmark gig at an event that both celebrates and advances Bristol’s musical history.

Simple Things 2015 takes place on 24 October 2015 at various venues across Bristol. There will also be an opening concert featuring Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Colston Hall on 23 October.

Click here to get tickets and check out Maximum Joy’s In The Air below.