Genesis Breyer P-Orridge speaks to Laura Jane Grace on being trans

The Talkhouse podcast has hosted the revelatory talk that includes discussions on Caitlyn Jenner, TSA screenings and performing as “male”

In an uncompromising and eye-opening conversation on the Talkhouse podcast, two prominent trans musicians, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV’s Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, have talked in-depth about gender, identity and society’s ascending curiosity in trans issues.

The pair talk openly about personal experiences, including Genesis’ head-on response to a TSA officer’s search, and Laura Jane Grace’s experiences in being “forced into archetypes of “the male lead singer” at photo shoots and videos” as the lead singer of Against Me!

They also discuss Caitlyn Jenner’s high-profile transition. P-Orridge believes that from conversations she’s had with other trans people that her experience has been so buffered by media attention and privilege that she’s woefully underprepared to be a “spokesperson” for trans people, while Grace believes a breadth of trans experience, including Jenner’s, will only contribute to society’s understanding of trans issues, though she doesn’t believe Jenner should be held up as the “ultimate” end of a transition as her seemingly effortless experience could be “problematic” for those on the outside looking in.

All in all it’s an exceedingly enlightening listen. Hats off to Talkhouse for getting these two in to have such a frank chat.

Listen to the podcast below.