Music critic highlights industry sexism on Twitter

“Gals/other marginalized folks: what was your 1st brush (in music industry, journalism, scene) w/ idea that you didn’t “count”?”

Jessica Hopper, author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic, previously a writer for Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune, Punk Planet, Spin, Rookie and the Village Voice (amongst many others) and Pitchfork’s current senior editor has asked women and marginalised people to share the first time they were excluded from music spaces.

The answers run into their hundreds. From mosh pits to news rooms to recording studios to record shops, it seems there’s always a way for women to be pushed further away from the still decidedly misogynistic music scene.

Recognisable names who have shared their experiences so far include Laura Snapes of Pitchfork, Lauren Martin of RBMA, Katy Goodman of La Sera and Vivian Girls, Dee Dee of The Dum Dum Girls, Emma Garland of Noisey, Meaghan Garvey of Pitchfork, and Alanna McCardle, previously of Joanna Gruesome and Ides.

You can see some of the responses below, but if you still don’t think sexism is real, please go and read every last one of them over on Jessica Hopper’s Twitter. In fact, just do that anyway.