Amon Tobin teams up with Peugeot for concept car

Electronic musician Amon Tobin will provide sound design for Peugeot’s new concept

If you don’t own an electric car you probably don’t know about the problems that arise from driving a near silent vehicle. Without the whirr of the engine, for example, sensory perception is decreased for the driver and driving can actually be more dangerous. For this reason manufacturers are coming up with novel ways to simulate the sound of the car’s engine. Like, say, recruiting Brazilian IDM heavyweight Amon Tobin.

Tobin will apparently provide both interior and exterior sound design for the car. Currently known as the Fractal, Peugeot’s new model feautures a 12-speaker system by Focal as well as added bass from Subpac. It’s not yet clear whether or not the car will make it beyond the initial development stages.

Have a look at an Amon Tobin soundtracked trailer for the car above.