Venetian Snares releases free album in thanks for fan support

“I am still royally screwed, yet you’ve made me feel so supported and loved”

Venetian Snares has got himself into some money trouble – but no worries, his fans have got his back. Within a day of sending out a Facebook post asking for help with an unknown financial mishap (“I am suddenly in very serious financial trouble, if you’ve ever enjoyed my music, I badly need your help asap”), he’d hit the number one spot on every genre’s top selling chart on Bandcamp. That’s love.

In thanks, he’s released a new fourteen-track and completely free album named Thanks For Your Consideration. He’s made it clear that he’s not out of the woods yet, describing himself as “royally screwed” on Facebook, but it’s clear he’s not short of support.

“Sometimes something really rough can come out of nowhere and flip life upside down” he wrote on the Bandcamp description of the new album. “Thanks for having my back and caring about me and the music I make. Here’s a special new album for you to enjoy! Thank you for your consideration!”

Listen to the new album over on Bandcamp now, and check out the very grateful Facebook post below.

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I am still royally screwed, yet you've made me feel so supported and loved. Means more to me than I can express right...

Posted by venetian snares on Tuesday, 8 September 2015