World’s first pop-up mastering studio launches Kickstarter

The moveable studio will be based in central Bristol if it reaches its £3k goal

When you think of a mastering studio you might think of a huge, dense block of high-end machinery – hardly the most portable venture.

Not for Henry Bainbridge, founder of the Bristol-based Dub Studio. He’s seen a way to knock the overheads of traditional mastering methods out by building his own pop-up mastering studio. As the Kickstarter explains: “The core aim of the pop-up is to empower record labels, producers and artists to achieve a sound that does their talent justice. Access to stellar post-production shouldn’t depend on having a massive budget.”

Bainbridge is looking for £3k to secure the central Bristol space, with a view to fund stretch goals of £5k and £10k to create “a truly world-class mastering studio”.

There are some great incentives to get the funds rolling in, including an attended mastering session and exclusive releases from Bristol artists.

See the campaign over on Kickstarter now.