Did Burial just perform at Unsound?


It’s looking increasingly possible that Burial just played live for the first time ever – 300 feet underground in a salt mine as part of Unsound Festival in Krakow.

FACT picked up on the news when music journalist Louis Patterson speculated that Burial was performing via Twitter.

Since then, we’ve reached out to our Crack representative at Unsound who told us – speculatively – that the set was either Kode9 or indeed Burial based on the fact that it was made up almost solely of Burial tracks.

The performance took place from a balcony setup away from the stage at the back of the room. The stage itself was pitch black in preparation for King Midas Sound.

In his own words, “Burial playing underground sounds almost too good to be true”. We’ll keep you updated to see if he’s right.

Update: Hyperdub have just squashed the rumours. As suspected, it was Kode9. See tweets below…