fabric to auction off Seth Troxler’s dress for charity

He wore the long, flowing red frock at their 14th birthday

If you can cast your mind back far enough you might remember dance music extrovert Seth Troxler donning a delightful red gown at fabric’s fourteenth birthday bash.

Well, now that fashionable item is up for grabs. With all profits heading to charity, fabric have decided to extradite it from the office via eBay.

Unfortunately, due to eBay rules, the dress has been washed so none of Troxler’s smells remain. Shame.

If you fancy rocking it like Troxler, you can bid on the glamorous garment here. All proceeds will be donated to homelessness charity Shelter.

fabric’s sweet sixteenth also kicks off very soon. Check out all the info here.

(via RA)