Spectres leak bullying emails allegedly from ‘Sam Smith’s manager’ to BBC 6 Music

The emails call for a ban on the band’s ‘unofficial James Bond theme’

UPDATE: Representatives from the BBC have claimed the emails are false

UPDATE: Spectres have announced on Facebook they have been hoaxed by an unknown person claiming to be a source at the BBC

Spectres have shared an email thread that allegedly calls for the ban of Spectres’ unofficial James Bond theme that premiered last month over on The Guardian.

In the email exchange the person who is purportedly Sam Smith’s manager makes it clear that Sam is ‘very sad’ that the station has supported Spectres over Smith and they would take legal action if the song wasn’t banned from airplay.

A representative of BBC 6 Music called a truce on the matter by agreeing to ban the song to ‘keep the peace’.

See the leaked emails below and the video for Spectres’ Spectre above.

UPDATE: The BBC have claimed the emails are a hoax.