Bowie shares Blackstar artwork and trailer

A jewelled skull, shivering interplanetary scarecrows and a girl with a tail all feature in the glorious 30-second tease

Bowie’s back and he’s returned to his interstellar roots.

For his twenty-sixth album, Blackstar, he’s opted for a stark star motif, black for vinyl, and white for CD. There’s also a thirty-second tease of the ten-minute title track available that features flickers of everything from lunar landscapes to Bowie himself proffering a mysterious book to the heavens. The album will be released on 8 January 2016.

A few YouTube commenters are actually wondering if this is Bowie finally coming out as God himself, and honestly, after watching this trailer, we wouldn’t put it past him. See it above, and the monochromatic album artworks below.