Delete Bring Dungeon Meat to Cardiff

Tristan da Cunha & Brawther are set to headline the Cardiff outfit’s penultimate party of the year.

The Friday preceding Christmas is known amongst hospitality industry workers and emergency services as ‘Black Friday’ on account of the booze-fuelled chaos precipitated by bulging bonus packets and office nights out gone awry.

However, if you’d rather go dancing with your mates than having a straightner with Phil from accounts outside your local Walkabout then Cardiff-based house institution Delete have just the thing to ring in the festive season.

On Friday 18th December they’ll be bringing Dungeon Meat to the basement of Jacobs Antique Market in Cardiff. Alongside the resolutely chunky stylings of Tristan da Cunha & Brawther there’s also a strong supporting cast comprised of residents Matt Owen, Lee Graves and Marc Parsons.

Tickets are on sale from Friday via Crack Tickets