Four Tet claims he was in Radiohead’s Creep video

During a lengthy interview with Gilles Peterson Four Tet claimed he was an extra in Radiohead’s video for Creep

Keiran Hebden – known to fans as Four Tet – sat down with BBC 6 Music‘s Gilles Peterson yesterday for a lengthy chat about, well, Hebden’s entire career. Amongst other highlights Hebden revealed that he was, in fact, famous before he became a world-class DJ and producer.

Well… sort of…

“I got invited to go on tour with Radiohead,” he told Petersen. “They were absolutely huge and I’d been a fan since the Drill EP had come out. I’m in the video for Creep in the audience. I followed them really closely from the very beginning. And I was being asked to open for them because they were fans of the record, and it made me think, live electronic music, I should get into that.”

So there you have it, Four Tet’s first collaboration with Radiohead was as a long-haired 15 year old in 1993 as a participant in a (probably rather polite) mosh pit.

Check out the video above and see if you can do a better job than us of spotting Tet’s flailing extremities.

(Via: Pitchfork)