LAW Magazine and Ellesse showcase carefree youth in Kite Runners

Myth, idealism and heritage mingle in ‘The Great Outdoors’ for the two minute video and exclusive editorial

The theme of the seventh issue of LAW Magazine is ‘The Great Outdoors’, and with a helping hand from Ellesse, the collaborative team have showed off both the hidden greenery of London and the thrill of boyhood adventure in a short video.

Kite Runners follows two boyhood friends as they take their homemade kites to Northala Park, home to London’s highest manmade hills.

As well as channelling the escapism of youth culture, the video also pulls together the creative talents of set designer Joseph Bond, director Nina Manandhar, director of photography Joe Wilson, styling and art direction by LAW, and music by Lung Dart.

See a selection of the editorial shots below and the video above, and see what happened when we visited LAW’s offices for a chat for the last issue here.