Taylor Swift most powerful musician according to Guardian list

Adele also features in the MediaGuardian 100 2015 list

Each year The Guardian compiles the MediaGuardian 100. The list is curated┬áby a panel of media experts and candidates are judged on their “cultural influence, economic clout and political power”.

This year they say that the list is more gender diverse – but admit they still have a long way to go. This gender diversity is reflected in the fact the only two musicians made the list (Taylor Swift who came in at number 8 and Adele who features at number 48) are female.

The Guardian cites Swift’s weighty social media following and her ability to shun mainstream distribution methods as the key contributing factors to her position of power while Adele makes the list on similar merit along with her high album sales and multiple awards.

Other music industry folks who make the list include Spotify founder Daniel Ek, music mogul Simon Cowell and Universal Records CEO David Joseph.

Check out the full list over at The Guardian‘s website.