You can now visit a Bill Murray art exhibition

Artist Brian Griffiths is using the much-loved actor as an avatar for “revelation”

An art gallery in Gateshead is now home to nine building dioramas: some emblazoned with the face of Bill Murray, and all meant to convey his spirit. Brian Griffiths’ inspiration behind the project is the constancy of Murray’s image, despite his changing faces.

“Bill Murray is always authentic. He is consistently ‘BILL MURRAY’,” Griffiths explained to Dazed. “Bill the global superstar, the guy-next-door, the anti-brand brand, the irrepressible Lothario, the lovable gruff, the wisecracker, the emotionally brittle, the lost man, the free-wheeling guy, the uncle you-never-had, the dignified clown, the droll philosopher and the hopeful.”

The show features a “lavish LA beach house, a historic Scottish mansion and an ocean adventure dome” alongside an array of everyday objects. BALTIC’s north facade will also feature a reproduction of a photo of Bill Murray at Cannes Film Festival as a 20 metre-long banner.

See some images from the exhibition below, and the artist talking through the show above.

The exhibition runs for until 28 February at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.