Martin Shkreli addresses Ghostface Killah in threatening new video

Surrounded by his “goons” and sipping wine from a stemless wineglass, Shkreli attempts to give Ghostface a warning

Earlier this week, Ghostface Killah gave a short interview to TMZ sharing his opinion on Martin Shkreli, the much-hated US pharma boss who now owns Wu-Tang Clan’s one-off LP Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

Now, in retaliation, Shkreli has released a strange video threatening to remove Ghostface from the album. Backed up by three “goons”, he tries to appear tough for the camera in a sportscoat and clutching a stemless wineglass.

“You’re not a Ghostface Killah,” he taunts. “Most people don’t even try to beef with me. Do you know why? Nobody’s that dumb.”

It gets worse. See the video below.