Bloc to end after 2016 instalment

The festival organisers are now to focus on building a ‘super club’ in London

Bloc co-founder, Alex Benson, has announced that this year’s festival (11-13 March) will be the last Bloc weekender ever held.

Speaking to RA, he said: “Weekenders are strange, beautiful things. Bloc itself has had some very widely publicised ups and downs. For us, in the middle of it, it has been a rollercoaster. Of course, everyone will have been on rollercoasters—they’re quite a trip, and leave you euphoric, shaken and with a new-found zest for life. Eventually, you get off having had a thoroughly great time. And that’s where we are.”

In a short interview with RA, he also expressed his gratitude to the supporters of the festival, explained their imminent plans for a London superclub, and picked out his expected highlights of the very last festival. Read it here.