Ghostface Killah responds to Martin Shkreli with PowerPoint presentation

Ghostface Killah offers zero apologies

Ok, we all know the backstory by now but just in case you’ve forgotten: Martin Shkreli bought Wu-Tang’s one off record Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for way too much money, then he hiked up the price of AIDs drugs and now he’s the most hated man in America. Ghostface acknowledged his hatred for Shkreli and subsequently Shkreli demanded an apology in what is probably the most ridiculous video we’ll see all year.

Now Ghost has taken the time to respond with a video that compares to Shkreli to Peewee Herman, various comic book villains and, of course, offers no apologies whatsoever. The 12 minute video sees Ghost and Killah Priest go in on “the man with the 12 year old’s body” before Ghost brings out his own goons in the form of his mum and sister who give Shkreli a further pounding.

Check it out in the player below.