Golden Pudel Club to start rebuild after suspected arson attack

A new statement from the club thanks supporters “from all over the world” for their solidarity

The Golden Pudel, a much-loved DIY venue located in Hamburg, has hinted at an imminent reopening after it was severely damaged by what police suspect was an arson attack.

In a statement on their brilliantly wacky website, the venue has said:

“To all humans.

We, the Pudel and Park Fiction, would like to thank you from our hearts for your sympathies. The reactions in the past weeks and especially now after the fire have been massive. We have received messages of solidarity from Hamburg, the whole country, and from all over the world – along with ideas, visions, and offers of help. All of this gives us courage and the hope of rebuilding the Pudel very soon. We hope to see you all soon at the club.

With a yapping hoarse from all the smoke,

The Dog”

Here’s hoping they’re back on their feet soon.