Kanye West drops new song Closest Thing to Einstein at LA party

The song tackles his, debt, Twitter outbursts and his use of antidepressants on the new track

Kanye West dropped a brand new track at a short set at a private party in LA last night.

In the seven-minute track, West responds to criticism of his fiery, quick-fire style of tweeting (“People tryn’a say I’m going too crazy on Twitter / My friends best advice was to stay low”), his self-publicised debt (“At this rate we gon’ both die broke / Got friends that ask for money knowin’ I’m in debt”) and the antidepressant reference he made on his most recent LP, The Life of Pablo (“This generation’s closest thing to Einstein / So don’t worry about me, I’m fine”).

A low-quality audio rip of the song, which also features Sampha, is available below. See our review of The Life of Pablo here.