Martin Shkreli says he would smack Ghostface Killah “right in the face”

“The most hated man in America” continues his excruciating plummet to the bottom with a cringe-inducing appearance on US radio

HIV drug price gouger Martin Shkreli was filmed in a TMZ video threatening Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah with his “goons” this week. Now, he’s appeared on US radio claiming the whole charade was “satire” – before stating that he’d smack Ghostface Killah “right in the face”.

“He’s one of the greatest rappers ever”, he admits. “But, he’s still a man, he still bleeds the same blood as me… but if you wanna talk shit, I’m not the one… if he was here right now I’d fucking smack him right in the face.”

Watch on as Charlamagne Tha God goes in on him (“First question – are you a privileged, entitled prick?”); Shkreli blames the media, manhood and money for his devilish portrayal; and of course, the bit where Shkreli says he’d take on the Wu-Tang man.

See it below.