Prime Numbers boss Trus’Me announces new album

Planet 4 is nine tracks of ‘intergalactic techno’ and is inspired by deep space, physics and dark matter

Trus’Me’s fourth LP is set for release 30 May 2016 and it looks to be a cosmic one. The press release describes it as “nine cuts of intergalactic techno”, and concentrates on some intergalactic “subjects that have occupied his mind in recent years”: “deep space, physics and dark matter”.

The Prime Numbers boss says of the album: “I love the art of writing an LP. It’s something I feel most at home with, telling a story from start to finish and taking the listener on a journey to, hopefully in this case, another dimension.”

Planet 4 (named after the fourth planet, Mars), was made during sessions in new Sydney studio Analog Cabin, and “is a more subtle and supple techno affair” than his previous efforts.

See the tracklisting below.

01. 1979
02. The Unexplained
03. Dark Flow
04. Ring Round Heart
05. Redsun
06. Our Future
07. Here & Now
08. So High
09. Water On Mars