Obonjan Island could be a full-time recreational paradise

Sound Channel, the promoters behind Unknown Festival, bought the island in June last year

‘Obonjan is all the things we love in one place. It’s a miniature world to explore.’ Reads the tagline on Obonjan Island’s official website. When festival promoters Sound Channel announced that they had bought an island it all seemed too good to be true. Promising to turn the Croatian landmass into a sort of utopian getaway the crew behind Unknown Festival set out to achieve the impossible and now, it seems, they’ve succeeded.

The island’s official website includes a full brochure listing the kinds of activities holiday makers can expect and it extends far beyond nightly beach parties. The Adriatic eden will offer excursions, workshops and food stalls as well as some of the world’s best dance music in various bars and clubs. There’s also a wellbeing centre which offers saunas, yoga, meditation and fitness classes.

“Obonjan is open from July 18th through to mid-September and you’re invited to stay for as long as you like.” Reads the website, “Though
we recommend at least five to seven days so you can get the full experience.”

To find out about pricing and all the activities on offer on Obonjan check out their brochure.