Grimes discusses sustainability in a new ad for a Stella McCartney perfume

“Sustainability in fashion stuff is something I really care about, that’s one of the reasons I like Stella so much”

Pop auteur Grimes has added yet another string to her bow, starring in an advertisement for Stella McCartney’s new perfume, POP.

In the 30-second video she describes her affinity for the Stella McCartney brand, praising their use of boxes sourced from sustainably managed forests. She’s also filmed meandering through a meadow, narrating the sunny visuals with positive thoughts about her friends: “I actually feel like my friends are the best ’cause they always tell me when my shit sucks,” she ponders. “I take what they say into consideration more than anyone else probably. I mean, I think friendship is important to all non-sociopaths. I guess humans need friendship to live.”

Watch the clip in the player above.