Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft talk collaborating through technology

The master house producer talks collaboration and improvisation with the celebrated jazz pianist at the Ableton Loop summit

Following February’s release of Holly Herndon’s compelling presentation from Ableton’s Loop summit, a recording of Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft’s talk on collaboration and improvisation through technology is now available to watch in full.

According to the press release, questions posed include: “What happens when a veteran house producer collaborates with a renowned jazz pianist? What musical common ground do they share and how can they improvise on equal footing when their respective instruments are so different?”

Highlights of the event also include Schwartz explaining his technical processes and demonstrating them onstage, the pair answering questions from the audience, and a series of live improvisations from the pair that punctuate the absorbing conversation.

Watch the hour-long broadcast above.