Over 2,000 people sign petition to keep Dance Tunnel open

Four Tet, Erol Alkan, The Black Madonna and Daniel Avery have voiced their support for the petition

A petition calling for Hackney Council to save London club Dance Tunnel has reached over 2,000 signatures.

The news that the club will be closing in August was announced via Facebook yesterday, naming “the licensing climate in Hackney” as the instigator of the club’s imminent closure.

In the wake of the news, a petition started by Keysound label co-owner Blackdown calling for Hackney Council to “re-review the legislation imposed on Dance Tunnel” has been signed by over 2,000 supporters of the club. Skream, Four Tet, and Daniel Avery, as well as The Horrors and Dark Sky, have shared the petition on Twitter, and The Black Madonna has called the closure “a devastating loss for nightlife in Europe”.

To sign the petition, head over to Change.org here.