Throbbing Gristle back catalogue to be repressed on vinyl

The seminal group helped define industrial music in the 1970s

In 2011 we saw Throbbing Gristle reissue five of their albums, The Second Annual ReportD.o.A: The Third & Final ReportHeathen Earth20 Jazz Funk Greats, and Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits and now those albums are being repressed on vinyl due to the hugely popular demand.

The records will be released on the band’s recently revived Industrial label who will also be repressing Throbbing Gristle side project X-TG’s Desertshore/The Final Report, a tribute to ex member Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson.

You can check out all the records over at Boomkat and revisit our interview with TG founder Genesis Breyer P-Orridge here.