Tyler, The Creator to voice sweary, one-eyed cat in forthcoming full-length cartoon

The rapper will appear alongside a star-studded cast including Sam Rockwell, Steve Coogan and Jeffrey Tambor

Tyler, The Creator is to star as a bawdy kitty cat in a forthcoming animated film from the animation studios that brought Ugly Americans, The Jellies, and Wonder Showzen to our screens.

The film will follow “a barfly named Drunky” (Sam Rockwell) as he navigates the chaos that ensues after he gets entangled in a bet between God (Jeffrey Tambor) and the Devil (Steve Coogan). How Tyler’s off colour kitty gets involved is yet to be seen, but he stars in the trailer above getting abusive towards God who unthinkingly labels the rough and tumble feline as “a cute kitty”: “I’m no fucking kitty,” he berates. “You drunk piece of shit.”

There’s a crowdfunder in progress for the film. Check it out here, and see the trailer above. Another musician, Kurt Vile, has also appeared in a cartoon feature recently. See him here as a munchies-loving squirrel.