Adele breaks records with £90 million record deal

Adele Signs 90 million record deal

The singer reportedly now holds the record for the biggest record deal for a Britsh artist and for an international female artist

Adele has apparently taken the largest ever record contract for a female recording artist in history and has also trumped the record for any British artist too.

As Adele’s existing contract with XL Recordings comes to a close the Hello singer will apparently ink a deal with Sony in the future and secure herself a £90,000,000 pay out in the process. The deal seems like a striking sum considering the current climate in the music industry as piracy and streaming services continue to diminish the possibility of revenue. When you consider though that Adele accumulated £35,000,000 last year through touring and record sales and her debut album 19 sold an impressive 10 million copies, it’s not hard to see why Sony are so excited about signing the young singer.

“We’ve secured Adele, who’s without doubt the biggest music star in a generation. This is massive.” A source from Sony Music told The Sun newspaper, “Adele’s deal with her original label XL expired and we’d an existing relationship with her in America. The deal is being worked on by our Columbia label in the US, but is worth £90million and gives Sony the rights to release her future music exclusively around the world.”

Whitney Houston previously held the record for a female artist with a reported £70,000,000 and Robbie Williams, who was apparently paid £80,000,000 in 2002 by EMI previously held Britain’s most lucrative record deal. Adele is still, however, some way behind the world record holder Michael Jackson whose family signed a £164million deal with Sony after the singer’s death in 2010.

It is not clear yet what terms Adele will have to fulfil whilst under the contract but we’re sure we can expect at least one new record in the future.

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