Bataclan survivor issues angry response to EODM’s Jesse Hughes

Ismael El Iraki has written a Facebook post rebuffing Hughes’ accusation of a Bataclan security conspiracy

Earlier this month, Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes told Fox Business Network that he believed there was conspiracy between security guards at the Bataclan in place on the night of the attack that left 89 people dead and 200 wounded at the Eagles of Death Metal show. He said that after asking one guard to be taken off duty as the guard “didn’t even look at [him]” when he walked past, he discovered “six or so [guards] wouldn’t show up at all”, and concluded that “It seems rather obvious they had a reason not to show up,” suggesting they were ‘in’ on the attacker’s plans.

Ismael El Iraki was in the audience for Eagles of Death Metal’s performance, and has written a Facebook post, named A “LETTER TO JESSE HUGUES FROM A FELLOW BATACLAN SURVIVOR”, expressing his disappointment at Hughes’ ideas.

“I love your music, your concerts mostly (such fun, wild shows) and man, I never thought that you would become one of those spreaders of fear,” he writes. “Fox News, Trump, all those guys. You always felt like a maverick, a rebel: we now know that you are not.”

He continues: “Apparently, the big bad Muslim conspiracy missed me. Damn, they forgot to warn me. They also forgot to warn Djamila, and all the other Arabs who got shot and killed that very night. They forgot to warn my fellow Moroccan Amin, who was shot that very night. Apparently, a few weeks later, the also forgot to warn Leila, another fellow Morrocan, who got killed in the Ouagadougou attack. Silly international Muslim conspiracy. They really cannot do any job well… I will not dignify you by narrating how I behaved that night… it will certainly not fit your narrow minded, boxed-in image of what a Muslim or an Arab (for apparently you ignore the difference between those two words) can do. I believe that the people I helped that night did not care that I was an Arab, nor did I care which origin they where or which imaginary friend they bow to. We all bleed red, brother.”

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