A comprehensive Drake content library is now available online

From his Degrassi beginnings all the way to the recent drop of Views, the catalogue tracks features, interviews, videos and more

The guy behind Kendrick Lamar’s online library strikes again.

Reddit user /u/doogywassa has collected everything Drake, from live performances, to music videos, to guest verses, to interviews, and collated them into one easily digestible webpage. Well, we say easily digestible – this’ll probably chew up a sizeable chunk of your weekend.

The original thread is now calling out for live performance footage anyone’s got stored up, and also asking who the subreddit would like to see get the doogywassa treatment next. See it here, and check out ‘The Drake Collection’ over on Wakelet here.

In celebration of the release of Views, we put together our analysis of Drake as master of the meme. Check it out here, and see our review of Views here.