Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods to star in forthcoming DIY film discussing disabled rights

Williamson will star as ‘Robbo’ in the “modern day story of friendship against the odds”

As one half of Sleaford Mods, Jason Williamson has striven to give marginalised people from the “boarded up parts of the country that most would prefer to ignore” a mouthpiece via the duo’s outspoken post-punk.

Now no stranger to the big screen after starring in a documentary about the Mods and neglected UK communities that premiered this October, Williamson will appear in a feature film discussing disabled rights.

Named Lost Dog, the film tells the story of Robbo (Williamson), Icky, his disabled friend (Jamie Beddard), and their struggle against “draconian cuts implemented by the government to disability benefits and Independent living fund.”

“Tory voters that I’ve come across are always shocked when the reality of what they’ve voted for is placed before them,” says Williamson of the film. “I think this is why #LostDogFilm is important to do. It’s almost like a duty, rather than a decision, to try and do some acting outside of the band I’m in. The Conservative pigs need outing at every available opportunity and in this climate of right-wing propaganda and a mostly silenced media, films like #LostDogFilm stand out as projects screaming with life, actual life. I’m really honoured to be included in this film.”

The film is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo. See the campaign here to donate, and see disabled actor Jamie Beddard explaining the need for the film in the player above.