Kahn & Neek dropped from Born & Bred following Azealia Banks cancellation

The Bristol grime producers have been told they cannot appear at the festival due to budget reorganisation in the wake of Banks’ meltdown

Kahn of Kahn and Neek has posted a Facebook status blaming Azealia Banks for budget reorganisations that have led to the duo being told they cannot appear at Rinse FM’s Born & Bred festival.

“I was already appalled from afar by Azaelia Banks after all that ignorant bullshit last week” Kahn writes, “and now, since she’s been dropped from Born & Bred festival (where Neek and myself were meant to be performing), I’ve just been told that they’ve had to re-organise the whole budget and we’ve been dropped from the festival now too… thanks a bunch”

The festival cancelled the US rap star after she directed a tirade of racial abuse at ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik on Twitter. She also condemned the UK rap and grime in a flurry of agitated tweets, repeatedly saying the scenes have no “swag”. The festival was called on multiple times to cancel Banks, doing so last week. In the wake of her attack on Malik, Banks’ Twitter has now been suspended.

See Khan’s exasperated post below.