See a selection of unseen photographs of Amy Winehouse

The images show the much-missed singer-songwriter as a fresh-faced twenty-year-old

A new book of unpublished Amy Winehouse photos has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The forthcoming photobook will comprise a selection of images taken by photographer and friend, Charles Moriarty, shot around the release of Winehouse’s debut album, Frank, in 2003. The photographer anticipates the book, named Before Frank, will contain 50 to 60 portraits of the artist.

“I came away [from seeing Amy] with this deep sadness and I wanted to leave people with something happier,” Moriarty told i-D of the book. “I think it’s an amazing documentary but Before Frank is something different and casts her in a fresher and happier light. For me it feels like sharing a memory I’ve had for a long time. I think they needed to come out. We were kids when these photos were taken, Amy was just twenty, and we just had such a fun time.”

See some of the images in the gallery below, and check out the Kickstarter here.