Beyoncé sued by filmmaker over visually similar Lemonade trailer

The independent filmmaker alleges Beyoncé’s team were aware of his short film, Palinoia, at the time of shooting the Lemonade film

Independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks is taking steps to sue Beyoncé and her team (including Sony Music, Columbia Recording and Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment) over the use of visual elements from his short film Palinoia.

Fulks alleges that he was approached to work on a video for Columbia-signed act MS MR and to demonstrate his work, he sent links to members of the Columbia team including Bryan Younce, who, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, has previously created videos for Beyoncé and was credited on her self-titled 2013 album. He was then asked to send over a treatment to the team by Younce. Lemonade commenced filming five months later.

The complaint references various scenes from Lemonade Fulks believes have been copied from his short film. See the similarities, taken from the complaint, illustrated in the gallery and see the trailers below.