Boiler Room are shutting down intolerance in their comments section

Sexist, misogynist and bigoted commentary has long plagued Boiler Room’s live comments section and they’ve finally had enough

Boiler Room have finally decided that they are going to put an end to sexist comments made during live streams. The problem is one that’s been noted on several occasions including most recently by Nightwave, a Scottish DJ who played for Boiler Room in Paris last night. “Good to see all the experts in the Boiler Room chat! Thanks! Come clean my flat sometime.” She wrote on Twitter in response to negative and misogynist comments from some users of the websites live chat facility.

In response to Nightwave and others’ criticism and the frequency of these types of comments Boiler Room have now pledged to be more stringent with their policy in regards to bigotry and sexism.

FACT Magazine have also reported that Boiler Room plan to hire moderators to shut down the hateful comments.

Gabriel Szatan, a programmer for Boiler Room, spoke to FACT to clarify their stance. “We obviously can’t just shut down any comment when someone is like, ‘They fucked up that mix, that song is shit’ but we can’t allow straight up vile transphobic, misogynistic, racist things to carry on,” He said. “We’re scratching our heads on determining how to monitor it but we know that today is the line in the sand. It [will be] difficult, but that’s not to absolve ourselves. As the biggest live streaming company in the underground that should stand [up] for its liberal values, we know now that it’s our responsibility to lead the field.”