Gilles Peterson spoke to us about his new role at WeTransfer

Gilles Peterson

Last week file-sharing website WeTransfer announced Gilles Peterson as their new creative director

For as long as we care to remember Gilles Peterson has been a champion of all things creative. The DJ / label boss / festival curator / who-knows-what-else has been plugging great music and has exuded a passion for sharing that music over the last 20 years. Starting with a career in pirate before moving on to host his own show on BBC Radio Peterson’s reputation as a connoisseur and advocate of all things music is virtually second to none.

It comes as no surprise to us that Peterson announced last week that he would be taking over as the new creative director for file-sharing giant WeTransfer so we asked him a few questions to find out what he hopes to achieve with the company.

Hi Gilles! What was it about WeTransfer as a platform that made you want to work with them?
The fact that we share similar values – creativity, originality and the championing of new talent. WeTransfer is culturally very different to any other company I’ve worked with. We are on the same page and share the same goals; namely to help people discover.

How does their file-sharing service reflect your philosophy on music collection and DJing?
It is all about sharing and discovering. I share my passion for music with like-minded people in clubs and on the radio and help people discover new music.

What do you think services like this can offer young creatives or DJs who are just starting out?
Connectivity is vital when you are creating, and file-sharing can help creatives to collaborate even when they are on opposites sides of the world.

What sort of creative projects will you be working on alongside WeTransfer?
I am talking to some exciting artists about getting involved in WeTalkMusic and I am planning a Creative Class mini documentary series in Cuba, a country with a rich musical heritage which I have been championing for many years now. We are also planning a variety of activities together with the new online radio station, Worldwide FM, which I am launching in September. The aim is to explore the boundaries. I don’t want it to be just another artist/tech start-up relationship. We both want to really do some exciting stuff together.